Rosweglyn update!


Hi guys!

So as you already know there will be a television company at Rosweglyn called Handsome Productions filming Wegan, Lucelyn and their fans throughout the day.

After much discussion, Rosie and I have decided NOT to be a part of their television proposal. We would respect it very much if…

Do you know where to get Rose and Rosie's Tiger and Dino beanies?


What video can you find rose's ex girlfriend?

I don’t think there is a video where you can find her but I will try to find one

Heeey :) Queria saber se você tem twitter ou alguma outra rede social! E seu tumblr é perfeito <3
do you remember when u answered everyone's question including the one about sex ? are you gonna do this again? u never answered my question

I remember, this day was really funny and I met Aline -(ou sim)(ou não) anon - and Liz!

I answered all the questions, I think…

I can make it again but I need Liz and Aline here!

what happened with rose-and-rosie-and-other-stuff? it's porn now, do you know the owner? is he coming back?

Here [x]

I don’t know what Liz is going to do next but we all should support her because she is a really nice person

Do you know what happened to rose-and-rosie-and-other-stuff? Their tumblr is gone.

 “This is Liz. Yes, I deleted rose-and-rosie-and-other-stuff. Yes, if you go there now you will probably be redirected to porn (sorry about that, someone took the URL). Yes, I have a new tumblr and no, you don’t want to follow me until I get my shit together. Thanks for posting Gabi.”