New Video!!!! Product Review

Plenty more coming your way :)

Certified Dorks!
How come you never post any more?

College is taking all my time away :(
I don’t even know how I still have time to breathe
But I’ll be back saturday!!

The roses are so special im obsessed... How can I get in touch with them cos as a lesbian myself I can relate and they hav assisted me through troubled times, fan mail? Also, when will the next video be on? How often r they uploaded? My life is them

I understand you my friend, I’m also obsessed with them

You can try sending rose or rosie a fan mail here on tumblr or twitter

Rose is doing a lot more videos now, every week you’ll see them :)

so i've been trying to figure out the early days of rose/rosie and am totally confused! do you know what happened in the beginning with like the break/break up and when they were actually together. plus which episodes they filmed why broken up?


why do you care so much? like, I don’t mean to be …mean, but did you reread your question before sending it out to us. 

It sounds very creepy. 

Rose and Rosie are together now. Engaged. Happy.

They had bumps in their relationship like any other people.

They are real people, not fictional beings who’s romantic timeline people should be obsessively chronicling.