Anonymous said:
Are you gay/lesbian? {Which ever term you wanna use}

No, I’m not


New Video!!!! Product Review

Plenty more coming your way :)

Anonymous said:
How come you never post any more?

College is taking all my time away :(
I don’t even know how I still have time to breathe
But I’ll be back saturday!!

Anonymous said:
The roses are so special im obsessed... How can I get in touch with them cos as a lesbian myself I can relate and they hav assisted me through troubled times, fan mail? Also, when will the next video be on? How often r they uploaded? My life is them

I understand you my friend, I’m also obsessed with them

You can try sending rose or rosie a fan mail here on tumblr or twitter

Rose is doing a lot more videos now, every week you’ll see them :)

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